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Prisoner’s Dilemma in Golden Balls As we were learning about game theory and nash equilibrium and the like, I was reminded of my days back in AP Econ, where we were shown a video about the game show Golden Balls. In this show, there are two contestants, and they can either pick the “split” ball, or the “steal” ball. […]

Analyzing the Positive and Negative Relationships of Generation Kill

Generation Kill is a mini series that aired on HBO in 2008 and it follows a Marine Reconnaissance Battalion during the opening days of the Invasion of Iraq in 2003. One of the most striking things about the mini series is just how disorganized the Marines and their chain of command appear to be during the […]

Game Theory in Power Grid Management

In this Research Matters article, Arul Ganesh speaks on the work of Dr. Ankur Kulkarni, of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, and his efforts to apply Game Theory and the concept of Nash equilibrium to the power grid. Ganesh describes the power grid as the transmission and distribution of electricity across a large network made […]

White House Leaks Where there’s teams there’s always players, and the leaks at the White House during the Trump Administration is no exception. These leaks have become a classic example of the dominant strategy in the prisoner’s dilemma. During the Trump Administration there has been several leaks from several senior officials. One recent leak was the dismissal […]

Sydney to install new traffic system to speed up traffic   Sydney Australia has decided to install a major advancement in the way that they direct traffic. This new system has been given $123 million dollars to make the worlds most advanced transport management system by 2020. The current traffic coordination in the city is run by the Traffic Management Center. It is essentially […]

Behind Kpop Fandom

“Kpop”, the abbreviation for “Korean Pop”, has been hotly debated in recent years. There exists several relationships in Kpop structure: the relationship between fans and idols, idols and their companies, and among fans of different Kpop groups. From an outsider’s perspective, these relations could be complicated and chaotic, but we could tell there are theories […]

Game Theory on Nuclear War with N. Korea

The article about nuclear war is interesting in how it presents the Nuclear problem between the United states and North Korea. It presents the model of a game between 2 players with each vying for 100 dollars, however there is a small risk of losing 10,000 every time the game ends. Both players have the […]

Game Theory in Climate Change and a Proposed Solution

Source: The article describes how game theory, a topic we discussed in class, can be implemented to solve world problems such as climate change, though it mentions some difficulties present in the situation that are not represented in game theory. The basic idea of the situation of climate change is simple, as the article […]

Game Theory in Board Games

In this article, the author Tom Jolly is trying to design a board game, taking game theory and working backwards to make the game. First, he takes a simple a chart with two players and two choices and gets the Nash equilibrium for it. Then, he begins to build on it, adding an idea of […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma Applied to Evolutionary Biology After learning about game theory and the prisoner’s dilemma game in class, I read an article that applies the prisoner’s dilemma game to evolutionary biology and analyzes how groups of organisms behave. Physicist Freeman Dyson and computer scientist William Press found a new solution to the prisoner’s dilemma game. Their findings drew attention to […]

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