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American Airlines Fiasco The article I chose to examine covered the assault case between the United Airlines flight attendants and passenger who refused to leave the over booked flight. In short, the situation involved an over booked flight that the United Airlines flight attendants tried to solve by kicking out a passenger from the flight. However, Joshua […]

Using Clustering Coefficients to Identify Risk During Natural Disasters As Hurricane Florence looms over the Mid-Atlantic states, all states in the storm’s path have declared states of emergencies and evacuations have been called for.  For a variety of reasons, calls for evacuation are not always completely obeyed; this could be for financial reasons – the thought of spending an indefinite number of nights […]

Game Theory in Voting: Duverger’s Law

Despite record high-interest in the campaign, recent results of U.S. elections have popularly been deemed as “disastrous.” According to an article by the Huffington Post, an overwhelming number of Americans were surprised by Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, the majority of them were unhappy with the result of the election, and a similar number of […]

Parasites in Food Webs: The Ultimate Missing Links

Most might not have even considered it, but adding parasites to a food web may be extremely beneficial when studying the spread of infectious diseases. Parasites are so small, compared to lions and zebras, but they are everywhere in biological systems. This article reflects on the complexity of adding parasites to food webs, and why […]

Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow Eye and Triadic Closure

Last Friday at Harper Bazaar’s fashion show, Cardi B. threw it down on Nicki Minaj …quite literally. After both attended the gala, Nicki allegedly started questioning and insulting Cardi B.’s maternal abilities (Cardi has recently given birth to her baby girl, Kulture). The two exchanged violence inciting words and attempted to throw hands at each […]

How Hurricane Florence is affecting transportation routes around the US

Blog 1 Hurricanes and other natural disasters have devastating effects on the natural environment of entire regions as well as human created structures. Recently, Hurricane Florence is set to make landfall along the East Coast of the United States within the next few day. Millions of people are already preparing for its devastating effects. […]

Why We Can’t Always Reach Nash Equilibrium Efficiently

We all know that John Nash’s economic findings on equilibrium in game theory revolutionized economics and won him the Nobel Prize. While there is no doubt that Nash’s contributions to economic theory were groundbreaking, the article I found demonstrates how attaining Nash Equilibrium efficiently is often impossible in practice. Professor Tim Roughgarden from Stanford University mentions how […]

The London Underground is Lying to You

Relevant Article: King’s Cross St. Pancras station in the heart of the London Underground is notorious for its winding, seemingly-endless tunnels. Every day, the six separate tube lines passing through the station bring thousands of people to the station’s tunnels as they attempt to make transfers at this bustling hub. As the article above mentions, […]

Structural Balance Property: Relationships between students in Mainland China and Taiwan

This paper looks at the structural balance property discussed in lecture and its application to positive and negative relationships between mainland China and Taiwan. To do this, students from a university in mainland China and a university in Taiwan were invited to participate in a questionnaire. This questionnaire looked to determine relationships between individuals based […]

Sentiment Analysis of Tweets in Nike Ego Network On September 3, Nike released an ad featuring Colin Kaepernick, who had been tapped to star in their 30th Anniversary Campaign.  Nike quickly drew the ire of the far right due to the inclusion of Kaepernick, a former professional football player who leveraged his celebrity to engage in racial activism.  Kaepernick’s choice to kneel […]

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