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Social Media in Disasters Social media has become an increasingly prevalent staple in our society. Social media refers to any Internet-based applications that allow users to communicate with one another and share resources and information. This also presents an opportunity to quickly broadcast warnings and new information to diverse groups across the population in times of emergency, especially […]

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo: A Case-Study of Structural Balance Theory Within the Gaming Industry

As with many of my peers whom are learning about network theory for the first time,  I have started to notice the vast variety of networks within my daily life. Whether it be deciding which course to devote more time studying for, or simply which exit to take when leaving a lecture hall, it will […]

Why we need a dating app that understands Nash’s equilibrium With dating apps growing in popularity and usage, it is important to understand how they work, especially if one is interested in maximizing their own opportunities for romantic success on the app. Dating apps in the United States have roughly a 3:2 ratio between males and females users. Furthermore, studies have shown that men […]

From Weak Ties to Strong Ties   In this article, author Michael Wu analyzes the distinction between the values of weak and strong ties and further discusses the necessary conditions for the former to evolve into the latter. While the initiation of any relationship naturally renders it a weak tie, strong ties demand extensive amount of time and commitment from […]

Making Cornell Easier with the Strong Triadic Closure Property Cornell is known for many great things: campus life, scenic gorges, and the great tasting ice cream. However, Cornell is also infamously known for the tough classes and difficult majors. In effort to make the challenging course load easier, students try to strategically choose their class schedules, specifically pertaining to having class with friends. […]

Applying Game Theory to “The Price is Right”

This article discusses various strategies contestants on “The Price is Right” can take to optimize their chances of winning. The first strategy the author discusses has to do with guessing the price of an item if the contestant is the last bidder. He claims that the last bidder should “bid one dollar more than the […]

Game Theory Breakdown of the English Premier League

Within the global scope of soccer, teams within FIFA regulated leagues are ensured at least 12 weeks where management may acquire, loan, or release players during this time. All teams compete for players in a global transfer market where deals are typically made by offering a transfer fee to trade a player to another team […]

Surprisingly Stable Relationships between Amazon, Employees, and Sellers

Most people know that the global online retail giant Amazon has created a strong community of sellers and employees to deliver high-quality products quickly and efficiently. The relationships between Amazon, Employees, and Sellers consist of only positive connections since Sellers and Employees rely on Amazon to survive while Amazon needs them to produce revenue. The […]

Traffic Networks and the Closure of the NYC L Train

Source: As a North Jerseyan (and wannabe New Yorker), I have had much experience with the New York City subway system. Even though it is one of the most widely used public transit systems in the world, its trains are fraught with countless delays and maintenance issues everyday. Despite this, it is still the preferred […]

Source Networks in Chess Networks are omnipresent in chess.  In “Analysis of Networks in Chess”, the Stanford team discuss the various areas networks are applicable in chess.  The type of network that interested me the most was support networks. Support networks “represent relationships between pieces.”  They are directed networks which indicate which pieces can attack other pieces, and […]

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