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How Graphs Can Model Social Media’s Reach

In the article (, Peter Suderman talks about the concept of regulating social media, and the impact social media has on our everyday lives. Few technological giants, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google have a huge impact on the information people receive. The government argues that this information needs to be treated as a public […]

Success in Avengers: Infinity War Character Pairings Due to the Structural Balance Property

There have been many investigations into the use of social networks and graph theory in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both in articles online and in this blog. The article linked below, “Avengers: Infinity War: How They Decided to Split Up the Characters,” touches on a group of four nodes in Marvel’s social network that were […]

Tackling the great paradox of biodiversity with game theory

Game theory has many applications, in this case, shedding light on the phenomenon of biodiversity. The initial confusion is how the Earth has such a limited amount of resources yet so many different species that seem to coexist. Early theory suggested that the number of species had to be equal to the number of resource […]

Is “Weaker is Better” the new “Less is More”?

We often acknowledge the people that impact our lives on a large scale. We think quickly of family members, significant others, best friends – the people we love and care the most about. Very rarely do we correlate “large personal impact” with “distant acquaintance.” But this Forbes article by Jacob Morgan shows that these acquaintances […]

Network Influence In the modern age, a person’s ego network has a major influence on the marketing process of a product. Many companies now use social media as a tool to market various products. Product sales are increasing by this marketing method because social media posts easily reach a wide audience. For instance, Instagram “influencers” use […]

Altruism and Evolutionary Game Theory   Game Theory could be applied to biology, especially in the context of biological altruism and family. A famous example is that of monkeys who howl to alert other monkeys when they see predators. In doing so, they alert predators to their position thus putting them at extremely great risk. If they would not […]

Blame Braess for Bumper to Bumper First off, I would like to say how interesting it is that Forbes wrote an article on an answer to a Quora question and referenced Wikipedia multiple times. The article discussed how the production of more roads actually makes traffic worse. It is an interesting topic that we covered in class because it shows […]

Game Theory for Marketing Tactics Game theory has many applications, whether it be in politics, economics, computer science, or social science. This article argues the need to apply game theory in marketing. Currently, marketing strategies mainly are ones of the “tried-and-tested” principle, where marketers try to target emotions rather than logic. On the contrary, game theory looks into the […]

Using Game Theory to Prevent Disease Outbreaks

Article: This article describes how game theory can be applied to the outbreak of diseases. Specifically, it applies it to the use of vaccinations. With vaccinations, the best outcome for an individual is not necessarily what is best for a group. While it may seem like getting vaccinated is the obvious best choice, since […]

Stabilizing Middle East Network Alliances Recently, a new series of Middle Eastern Alliances has begun to form in response to former deteriorating alliances and new civil wars. Overall, many proxy wars are currently being fought primarily between Saudi Arabia and Iran forcing neighboring countries to take sides. For example, in Yemen, Iran has been backing Houthi rebels while Saudi […]

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