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Weak Ties in Society

Article link:       In the article Socially sustainable communities are more than friends and families, Steve Price points about the importance of building weak ties between acquaintances colleagues and neighbors. Price begins to clarify the difference between being lonely and being unconnected. When family bonding and social media are big things in […]

Application of Game Theory in Selecting a Global Currency   The article’s main point of discussion is regarding the use of a global currency. The issues stem largely from the fact that, today, the most accepted currency around the world is the United States dollar. As the article mentions, international transactions are generally process using the US dollar, even if neither of the […]

Post 1: Strong Ties vs: Weak Ties in Job Searching

Link: I find it interesting that this article revolves around the idea of weak ties being more important than strong ties in this world. According to the article, strong ties in a social network would be links between close friends and family while weak ties are links between acquaintances, which was covered in one of […]

Using game theory to minimize disease outbreak

The article discusses how game theory can be used to prevent the outbreak of disease. This discussion was sparked by a recent event where passengers on a flight from Dubai to New York became ill after being contained in a plane for several hours. For many people, the initial simple solution to preventing the spread […]

The Art of Getting A Job My friend told me that he heard from someone who works in Human Resources at McKinsey that 80% percent of interviews for jobs/internships are achieved when the applicant contacts someone who works at or has connections to the company and asks the person to call HR and get them to remove his/her resume […]

As Distressed Breweries Close, More Used Equipment Heads to Auction In his report As Distressed Breweries Close, More User Equipment Heads to Auction, Jason Kendall analyzes the macro and micro economic reasons why breweries are closing, the implications of these closings, and how this ostensibly negative indicator of economic health in the market is providing opportunity for others. Firstly, Kendall discusses how hundreds of […]

Biodiversity and Game Theory How do so many species coexist in environments with limited resources? Somehow this happens without many species going extinct all of the time. The paradox, sometimes referred to as the “plankton paradox” is based on the idea that for every resource, one species will be best at consuming the resource. This should drive other […]

Social Media Is Killing Your Friendships “Social Media Is Killing Friendships.” That’s the title of an article by Jennifer Chesak that appeared in Healthline. While the article does say some positive things about social media and relationships, it is mostly critical of the effect it has on people and their friendships. Chesak points out that social media has become an […]

Networks In The Examination Of Yeast Proteins   The article I examined focuses on the protein to protein interactions which occur within yeast. The result of the experiment was a map of over 2300 interactions across over 1550 proteins. Within this study, the function of the proteins were studied and the interactions between proteins with the same functions versus the […]

Game Theory in Parenting and Daily Life

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