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When trying to get some new product or business out there with the use of online advertisements, there are many options to consider. For now, let’s consider Google and Facebook. There are many differences and similarities between the two, but which should you choose? First of all, one should consider budget. The average Cost Per Click for Google AdWords was $2.32 in 2016 while the Cost Per Click for Facebook Ads was $0.28 in 2016. This means that Facebook Ads were approximately 88% cheaper than Google AdWords in 2016. The reason the price for google is so high is the massive amount of expensive competition. For one (rather extreme) example, the average Cost Per Click prices for Google AdWords with keyword “best mesothelioma lawyers” was a whopping $935.71 in April of 2016. Although this is quite a large example, the general idea is that we can begin to see a clear divide between advertising on Google and advertising on Facebook. Google Ads are often tied to larger marketing budgets, capturing demand, a mature product/service with high search volume, and high brand reputation. On the other hand, Facebook seems tied to smaller marketing budgets, generating demand,  a new product/service with low search volume, and low brand reputation. Obviously, a product/service being advertised on one of the platforms may not fit all of these criteria. It is just what you should generally expect from competitors when deciding on what platform to advertise on.


Essentially, even though many different sites offer a Pay-per-click model of advertising, there are still many things to consider before choosing where to advertise. I think it is very important to note that even though in any of these bidding scenarios (GSPs) it is best to bid your value, your value may fit better on another platform. For example, say you are starting a brand new law firm and want to advertise for it on google. The average CPC for Google Ads on the legal industry is $5.88 as of October 2017.  The average CPC for Facebook Ads on the legal industry is $1.32 as of October 2017. You would most likely want to go with Facebook. Your value/bid is up against cheaper competition so you are more likely to win and get your brand established. On the other hand, if you already own a well-respected and lucrative law firm, you may want to go with Google. You pay more (since the competition is more expensive), but you will make more money on conversions (people who pay for your services based on the add). Therefore, when considering where to go in a pay-per-click model of advertising, there’s a lot to consider.


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