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Bush Meats Involvement with the Ebola Outbreak

My topic starts out with the recent outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa, which involves the spread of this disease from Guinea to Sierra Leone to Liberia.  The spread of this virus disease can be shown as a set of countries with Ebola, which starts out with Guinea and then it keeps on increasing with […]

Network Neutrality and Auctions

The debate over net neutrality is heating up very quickly. Net neutrality is the idea that all data on the internet should be treated equally. It does not advocate interference by internet providers or the government. If net neutrality was suspended, network providers would be able to control what data is most prevalent. Without net […]

Empathic Social Interaction

The findings of the ultimatum game speak to a broader issue, the duality of social acceptance and marginalization. The experiment reveals the human desire to be treated equally and respectfully by others. Although it appeared to economists that anyone would be content with receiving a gift of money, the circumstances of the gift’s acquisition matter […]

How Common Sense May Trump Game Theory

I found this article intriguing because it focuses on how relying on common sense might in some cases be a better strategy than applying game theory. The article begins by introducing a theory called “The chain store paradox” by German economist Reinhard Selten. Selten argues that when faced with new competition, businesses that are dominant […]

Chimpanzee Intelligence: Man’s Closest Relative Outwits Humans In ‘Game Theory’ Test

*Note: These random values were chosen to illustrate the mechanisms behind this game, not provide numbers that accurately depict each player’s choice While humans like to think they are the most intellectually gifted creatures, one recent study proves that chimpanzees can outperform humans in game theory. Psychologists Colin Camerer and Tetsuro Matsuzawa challenged chimpanzees against […]

Healthcare Coordination Through Networks

In class, we talked about the importance of trust and communication in social networks through strong and weak ties. It turns out that in medical care, the absence of cohesive doctor networks can be potentially life threatening for patients when “the many moving parts of their care are out of sync”. Dr. Matthew J. Case […]

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