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Dance to the psychedelic synth beat – Gangnam Style!

The world’s attention is on Psy, singer from Korea who has brought a huge boom in culture to the world. Psy’s song Gangnam Style, is the most viewed video in Youtube, top seller in iTunes, and ranked high in the Billboards. It is simply amusing and astonishing to observe how a non-english song can have a massive impact in the U.S, and the other parts of the world. Psy was on Ellen Show; one of the most influential talk shows hosted by Ellen Degeneres, and performed his dance to the crowds, with Britney Spears, one of the most famous American singers. His dance has become so famous, that there are thousands of dance covers, thousands of parody saturating the online community. It is now the “most liked video” on YouTube, proving how the world is fond of this new sensational music, thus making a huge positive connection between the people.


Many communities, including Cornell University, have uploaded a video of people dancing Gangnam Style. The impressive Flash Mob done by Cornell University has brought many people together, forming positive and strong ties between the dancers, brought by the common theme of Gangnam Style. The Flash Mob resulted in a huge success, where many people participated in the performance and enjoyed the event. The video soon gained lots of attention, and more and more communities joined to record their performance in dancing Gangnam Style, and uploading in the Internet communities such as YouTube, and Facebook.


Many parodies, and the dance videos of Gangnam Style showed how many people could have new positive links between individuals by sharing a common theme. Gangnam Style has brought people together, forming new links and connections, from different countries, and different communities. A community surrounding Gangnam Style is like a large complete balanced graph, where there are all positive links between the people, revolving around the theme of Gangnam Style. Creative and approachable music has brought people in the world together, and form new links. Psy, has the spotlight of the world.




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