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Game Theory, Iran and a Nuclear Bomb

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita is a professor at New York University who works in applied game theory. Specifically he works in apply game theory to political situations; specifically covered in this article is the question of whether Iran will build a nuclear bomb. Bueno de Mesquita boils political events and questions down to the fact […]

Simulating Sickness

Diseases spread like gossip through a social network. By studying these networks researchers can model and predict the path of diseases to better decide the most efficient way to prevent them. Traditionally these outbreaks are modeled using a combination of differential equations and uniform mixing assumptions, but a recent study conducted in Oregon found that […]

The Relationship Between the U.S., Israel, and Iran

The Prime Minister of Israel recently criticized the Obama administration because he felt the U.S. was behaving too softly towards Iran and particularly its nuclear programs. As a result, he felt that the U.S. has no right to stop Israel from taking its own actions towards Iran. Apparently, he seems willing to enforce more pressure on the U.S. to […]

Google and Apple are on the Outs, YouTube feels strain—What about us?

Two of the most powerful technology companies in the world, Google and Apple, certainly have not had the smoothest relationship, especially as they compete in the Smartphone market.  According to CNN, Apple has been taking on makers of Android-powered Smartphones in courts around the world over patent disputes, and it finally announced in June that […]

The Greek Network During fall semester of freshman year, my close friends consisted of my hall mates. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with them, but my network consisted primarily of a wing in Donlon. There were over 3,000 students in my class, and I was acquainted (weak ties) with fewer than 5% and friends (strong […]

Star Topology Disables the Web

The Internet can be represented as two graphs: one graph is the collection of pages and links that we know as the World Wide Web, and the other is a less visible network of hosts and service providers. The network of pages allows the average user to surf the web easily, but this second network […]

It’s a small world

In 1967 Stanley Milgram published a famous study entitled “The Small World Problem.” In it, he states that one person can be connected to any other person in the world by just six hops. This was a revelational finding at the time. He conducted his experiment by analyzing the connections between 296 people. In 2011, […]

Social Networking and its Role in the Arab Spring

In the article “The Role of Information Technology in Defeating the Arab Regimes: Facebook 2-0 Arab Presidents,” Mahmoud Khalifa discusses how social networking has played an enormous role in recent uprisings in the Middle East, both in Tunisia and in Egypt.  The movement is generally known as the Arab Spring.  The article discusses the three […]

WolframAlpha Facebook data report

By providing addictive messaging tools and connecting over 500 million users, Facebook is in the unique position of storing massive amounts of intimate user data which includes their photos, relationship statuses, the locations where they make posts and other details about their social network. Interestingly enough, Facebook also stores user information in such a way […]

Game Theory and Reminbi Appreciation

According to the game theory, human make unfavorable decision instead of the most optimal decision. This is because a person’s decision or outcome not only depends on one’s decision but also on the choices made by others. “Prisoner’s dilemma” is the one of the most well known examples of game theory. When two prisoners A […]

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