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Application of Game Theory to Neuronal Networks

This paper investigates into the application of game theory to neural networks. Game theory has obtained attention in the field of neuroscience, especially neuroeconomics. It has proven to be useful in describing human decision-making process in experiments with human and nonhuman players. In the investigation, arbitrary neuron-1 and neuron-2 are assumed to have a single […]

Identifying Influential Nodes Using guestHub guestHub is a brand new platform created to identify what they call “conversion-driven influencers”. These people can influence their connections, related to a specific topic or product. The idea is that the person who originally shared a link or invitation that continues to percolate through a network can be tracked and identified. Possible application […]

Rethinking Game Theory

As we discussed in lecture, the classic prisoner’s dilemma game involves two prisoners, each with two choices. Each player can either confess or not confess, as seen in the matrix below. Player 1 Doesn’t Confess Player 1 Confesses Player 2 Doesn’t Confess (-1,-1)  (0,-9) Player 2 Confesses  (-9,0)  (-5, -5) In theory, both players will […]

The global information exchange network and the Egyptian Revolution

The news article I found for my blog is about the Egyptian Revolution which happened last year. The people of Egypt were uprising against the government – corruption, freedom of speech, lack of free elections, to name a few. At first it started off with little people knowing about it, but then in a very […]

Ecosystem Networks

The global ecological network consists of a series of nodes representing various environments, species, activities, and locations. These nodes are connected by edges that portray the relationships between each concept, area, or species. The article by the Sakai Shoko Group analyzes the network formed by the interactions of human society and the ecosystem. They use […]

The World Like You’ve Never Seen Before

What if one were to propose that the political divisions that exist on the globe cease to be relevant in the internet-centric dynamic that exists today? What barriers really divide the world’s people? A peek into Derek Watkins’ version of William Bunge’s The Continents and Islands of Mankind shows below the areas of the world […]

The Spread of Innovations in Social Networks

“The Spread of Innovations in Social Networks” is an article written by Andrea Montanari and Amin Saberi that focuses on two specific social network models.  One of the main purposes of this article is to contrast the epidemic network model with the game-theoretic network model.  The epidemic theory is based on the belief that innovations […]

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