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Cain Camp Turns Google Searches to Its Benefit

We do it every day: ‘google’ something we are interested in or want to know more about. In order for Google to be there for us to search, Google must make money just like every other company. Therefore, Google charges other companies to advertise on Google’s webpages. Companies pay lots of money for their advertisements […]

‘Occupy’ Movement and Networks

The following article talks about the ‘Occupy’ movement throughout the world: Despite the fact that this is a slightly older article, I thought it was really interesting comparison of the various ‘Occupy’ movements throughout the world. The news corporation had different perspectives from London, Paris, Rome, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rekyjavik, Tokyo, Taipei, and Toronto. […]

God versus Big Bang

The following article describes the origin of the big bang theory. Possibly the largest question of our lives, the beginning of the universe definitely plays a strong hand in having been dealt with the effects of information cascade. The big bang theory was first proposed by Georges Lemaitre. Initially, he was dealt with significant […]

Owning the Market This article sheds light on the motivation behind Apple’s famous iPod advertising campaign. The article is based on a quote from Steve Jobs’ biography. Jobs said, “I had this crazy idea that we could sell just as many Macs by advertising the iPod”. This was the kind of risky and novel marketing ideas that […]

The application of information cascade and network effects in Apple’s story of success

[0]: The article talked about the recovery and prosperity of Apple since Steve Jobs became the CEO of the firm in 1997. [0] Back then Apple was on the verge of failure, suffering from shrinking market shares (4% of PC market) and annual losses of more than $1 billion. When Jobs took over once again, […]

Google Changes Search Algorithm to Factor Timeliness Into Results

Google’s success is based on how well they can provide users the best and most relevant results to a given topic. Google has changed their search algorithm to make timeliness of a result more significant with respect to its relevancy score. Timeliness has become more important in recent years with the development of social networks […]

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