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Modern Practical Applications of Game Theory

Consulting firms have been helping clients to either create auctions that are more profitable or to help clients win them at a price lower than their true value. Through software they analyzed bidder’s activity and found the cases where the items were overvalued. This determines that it can be more profitable to attain more, but […]

Microsoft Releases ‘Project Waterloo’

The Microsoft Research Games team released its first game on Facebook, Project Waterloo,’ which tests game theoretic behavior in social networking. In a turn-based two player game, each of the players gets troops and five battlefields to conquer. In order to win, they must strategically anticipate the moves of the other player in deciding in […]

Game Theory in Practice

Some students have expressed skepticism over how well game theory can be applied to real situations, in which the players are real people who do not necessarily act rationally, and pointed out specific examples of where game theory fails to predict the outcome of games. This article, titled “Game Theory in Practice,” illustrates how game […]

Cisco Telepresence

Cisco produced their product, Telepresence, in order to connect the business world by simulating a face-to-face meeting through a virtual media experience. These Telepresence systems are not bought on an inexpensive whim, they are investments to better connect people by creating a congruent atmosphere on both sides of the network. When interacting, the effects (video, […]

The Survival of Altruism Picture this: You’re in the jungle, out helping to gather food for your tribe, when you see a predator stalking towards camp. You can a) scream a warning to your tribe, letting the predator know exactly where you are, or b) stay silent and let the tribe get attacked, saving yourself. Your choice depends […]

Social Media Wars

Link: Three months ago, Google launched its all-out, impudent competitor to Facebook and Twitter called Google Plus. With additional features and ground-breaking new concepts, Google plus has posed a serious threat to the existing players. The Social Media Wars between SNS site giants for the ultimate dominance of Social Networking Service is getting intense. […]

Egyptian Revolution: Network Theory Application to Social Networking

Sources: Image from: Video URL: In February 2011, the Egyptian people put an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year-long rule in just 18 days.   The catalyst that transformed  brewing Egyptian discontent with the economic climate and government corruption into a full-scale revolution was a Facebook event calling Egyptians to go to […]

Google+: Reshaping Social Networking

Google’s social networking venture, Google+, is all about networks.  It’s basic function is obviously very similar to Facebook, and even LinkedIn, but the way Google+ was started and designed is very unique in my mind – and a great example of the triadic closure property, as well as balanced and unbalanced connections. Although I don’t […]

Game Theory Explains Why the Economy isn’t Improving

There is an economic crisis in Europe right now. Greece is very likely to default on its debt, and their main creditor, Germany, is making contingency plans if Greece defaults (Bloomberg). If Greece fails, an economic disaster in Europe is likely to ensue, and the value of the Euro would drop drastically. Consequently, the Euro […]

Google+ now lets you share circles Google+, the newest social network from Google, has grown to a staggering 43 million users since its start a few months ago. One of its unique features was circles, which are basically groups of people. A user can add friends, family, celebrities, or even the President to their circles. Users can have as many […]

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