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Do Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibria Exist in Sports?

Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibria make sense in stylized games with clear-cut payoff matrices, but do players in real games actually follow the predictions of these stylized models? Sports provide many real world scenarios where we can check the theoretical predictions of these models. Consider penalty kicks in soccer. Kickers want to score while goalies wish […]

Game Theory Applied to Primate Infanticide’04.pdf While game theory is often applied to conscious human decisions, it can also be used to explain the instinctive behaviors of animals, such as non-human primates. In primate groups, when the former dominant male is removed (by death or incapacitation), other males become the new dominant males and compete with each other for […]

How Network Structure Can Provide Advanced Warning About Epidemics

Hi Everyone! In this post I’m going to write about a TED talk I recently watched that talks about how knowledge of network structure can be used to give advanced warning about epidemics. The talk was given by Nicholas Christakis and can be seen here. In this talk Christakis talks about how people occupy different […]

Relationships in MMOGs In the introduction to the course, we learned about simple relationships between nodes, including positivity and negativity, and the balance of triadic relationships. We considered edges on a general level. For example, A and B are friends and have a positive relationship. However, we live in a complex world where advancements in technology have […]

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