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World Cup Game Theory What economics tells us about penalty kicks. Often times in making life decisions, our decisions are influenced by external factors. Most commonly, they can be influenced by the decisions with whom we interact. As discussed in class, Game Theory can be defined by these interactions among decision-makers and by three situational aspects: first, there must be a set of players (participants), […]

Game Theory and Decision Networks: Texas Hold’em Artificial Intelligence

Since the success of IBM’s chess playing supercomputer, Deep Blue, artificial intelligence (AI) has repeatedly shown its proficiency in winning games against human competitors. Poker is one of these games. A major development in AI for Texas Hold’em came with the utilization of a combination of network and game theory. Researchers from Monash University in […]

Gamer+Science=Cure to AIDS Everyday in high school and now even more in college, gamers face a tradeoff between how much time they spent on school work and their “time-wasting” hobby. After years of playing different genre of games including MMO, MMORPG, FPS, and TPS…etc. society labels gamers as unproductive, lazy, nerds because they spend so much time […]

QR Codes: Creating Edges in Capitalism Have you ever noticed that recently everything from your neighbors Remax for sale sign, to your magazine, and even your Starbucks coffee has a unique box with what looks like something out of the movie Inception? These boxes known as QR codes can be scanned by one’s smart-phone leading to a link to the […]

Penny Auctions

article: less commercialized source: what the article is about: The biggest question about penny auctions is whether it is a gamble where the house always wins or a viable method of auction even for the bidder.  Some penny auctions websites include,,, and  Although believed to be scams, […]

Bypassing the Signal Traffic: The Solution for Mass Warning Systems via Cellphone Following the 2010 Tsunami in Japan, there has been a push to establish more efficient disaster early warning systems to better warn the inhabitants in areas likely affected by the disasters.  NTT Docomo, Japan’s dominant phone carrier is implementing a Cell Broadcast System or SMS-CB; this system unlike point precision sms where each wireless […]

The Broadband Wireless Networks Game

Telecommunications operators have long been an important backbone of the economic scene, and one might wonder what kind of models we can use to examine their behavior. In particular, it is rather fascinating to witness the roll out of a set of new network standards like 3G technologies or 4G today.  We can look at an oligopoly […]

Newsflash: People are Still Irrational

Game theory is, at its core, the study of rationality. In any given situation, game theory tries to use payoffs and probabilities to find the moves that make the most sense for players to make. And that’s certainly a great goal — except when the players are real people. One of the largest challenges with […]

Wikipedia Articles live in a Small World According to Stephen Dolan, who wrote the article this post is discussing, Wikipedia contained 2,301,486 articles (nodes) with 55,550,003 links (edges) connecting them at the time the article was written.  His original goal was to find the articles which were the closest to every other article or the center of the network. He quickly […]

Swoopo, a variation of the all-pay auction

Whenever we hear about all-pay auctions it is always hard to think of a real-life example or an actual situation where someone would actually participate in such an event. All-pay auctions are auctions where all participants have to pay their bid whether they win or not. The advantage to such an auction is that bids […]

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