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A four-way arms race

As the authors of some of the recent tech-related posts on this blog have expounded upon, a series of increasingly visible arms races have cropped up over the last few years as to which tech company will emerge the most popular across its respective fields. The accompanying article posits that the four foremost tech companies […]

Can you rationalize who you should hit on at the bar? For anyone who’s seen the movie A Beautiful Mind, or even paid attention in class, you know that John Nash was a genius.  He came up with the Nash equilibrium theory, which we recently learned about in class as it applies to bargaining.  He even won the Nobel Prize in economics for the theory.  […]

StumbleUpon: A Network of Everything is one of the internet’s most interesting and effective web services. For those who have never heard of it, allow me to explain. When you first go to, you create a profile for yourself where you select your personal preferences out of a list of over 500 categories. This profile tells StumbleUpon what […]

Facebook Did Stuff See also: posted earlier today Facebook just made some important changes to the ways in which nodes in their social network (people, pages, apps, etc) can connect to each other. Beyond simply allowing a few new behaviors beyond “like”, however, Facebook has chosen to allow developers to define any new actions they want, […]

The Choice Between Netflix and Qwikster: Game Theory

Late last week, the movie rental giant, Netflix, announced that it would split its services in half. Before September, users were able to pay $9.00/month for the ability to stream any movie or TV show available on the site as well as rent a maximum of one movie at a time. CEO Reed Hastings believes […]

The Power of the Hashtag In recent years, Twitter has exploded as an online networking site, making it easy to not only follow your friends but certain popular persons as well.  Part of its power comes from its ease of use (as opposed to Facebook, which essentially encourages you to post as much information about yourself as possible, and […]

Apple and Samsung with regards to patent lawsuits

Link: It seems that patent lawsuits between two major, rivaling corporations, such as Apple and Samsung, have become increasingly more common nowadays.  For instance, Apple has recently pressed charges on Samsung in regard to patent lawsuits involved in the design of Samsung’s Galaxy S2 smartphone.  As a result of this, Samsung was barred from […]

Circles of Knowledge

From my “friends” to my “circles” to my “posts” to my “profile”, the keywords of social networking have become buzzwords in my life.  However, after growing up in the age of social media, where networks of relationships, information, and communication are constantly expanding, there are questions that arise from seeing my peers’ and my own […]

Sports and Twitter Twitter has taken over the sports industry. Today coaches, players, organizations and leagues alike are communicating information to eager fans via this social networking tool. No longer do fans need to rely strictly on the media to provide news about their favorite athletes and teams. Fans get to hear directly from the athletes themselves […]

Game Theory in the Greek Default

Howon Song Hs459 9/23/11 Reference: As the world economy is at red alert, the most apparent economic danger persists in Greece. For quite a long time, European leaders have been discussing the best possible solutions for the stubborn economic depression over the European region. However, most economists and political experts are now assuming an […]

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