Role Definitions

If you use Concur, chances are you’ll have a role defined within the system.

Traveler: A person who travels on Cornell University business.

Arranger: An individual, identified by a traveler (Profile / Travel Settings / Travel Preferences), who can make travel arrangements for another individual in the Travel module of Concur. (Note: This is a different role than a Traveler Delegate.)

Traveler Delegate: An individual identified by a traveler (Profile / Travel Settings / Travel Preferences) who can prepare trip reports on behalf of a traveler. (Note: Travelers must still personally attest (sign) their trip reports. The attestation cannot be delegated.)

HR Supervisor: The traveler’s supervisor listed in Workday.  (A delegate may be selected for this role by the traveler.)

KFS Org Manager (Cost Object Approver): An individual responsible for the selection of the appropriate account, or confirming the accuracy of the account selected, and for verifying that the expenditure is appropriate for the account on a Request and Expense report.

FTC/BSC (Processor): An FTC/BSC staff member responsible for reviewing and approving travel expense reports for policy compliance.

Cash Advance Admin: A DFA staff member who issues cash advances.

Administrator: A central DFA role that oversees the Concur system.

Report User: An individual who utilizes the Concur Business Intelligent Module for reporting purposes.