Navigating the Profile Options Page

To access Profile Options:

    1. Click Profile in the upper-right corner.
    2. Click Profile Settings under your name.

On the Profile Options page, you can change a variety of settings such as personal information, credit card information, and delegate information. As with the Concur home page, there are multiple ways to access available options. For example, access the Personal Information screen by clicking Personal Information under Profile Options in the body of the page or by clicking Personal Information under Your Information from the left-hand menu, or by clicking Personal Information from the secondary menu bar below the gray tabs.

Our instructions will use the most obvious method, but feel free to choose a navigation method you like and use that.

Clicking on Personal Information takes you to a page that contains sections for multiple options. You can navigate the page by scrolling, or by using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.


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