Getting Started with Concur

Before using Concur, you’ll need to complete a few tasks:

  1. How to log in to Concur
  2. Learn about Concur’s home page (optional)
  3. Learn about navigating the Profile Options page (optional)
  4. Complete your personal information (in your Profile) – Required
    1. Verify your name
    2. Verify your work address
    3. Verify your contact information (phone numbers)
    4. Register your mobile devices
    5. Verify your email address – Critical!
    6. Provide emergency contact information
  5. Set up your travel preferences
  6. Set up your delegates
  7. Add credit cards
  8. Learn about and activate mobile apps
    1. Concur Mobile
    2. TripIt Pro
    3. Other mobile apps

You might also want to check out the training resources available on the Training and Guides page related to how to book a trip, how to work as a delegate, and more.