COVID-19 Response: Handling changed, canceled, and unused airline tickets

Some travelers may have had to cancel flight reservations due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Many airlines are allowing travelers impacted by the health crisis to change or cancel tickets without a fee, and some airlines are allowing tickets to be transferred to other travelers. Contact your airline for details on their procedures and follow the instructions below for handling airfare charges for changed, canceled, or unused tickets.

For tickets that will be used in the future:

  • If it was paid with a Travel & Meal (T&M) card, leave the transaction in Concur and take no further action until the expense is used (when a flight is rescheduled). Once the flight occurs, the expense can be added to an expense report for that trip.
  • If it was paid with out-of-pocket funds, the traveler can receive an advance for the expense if the traveler did not opt-out of a T&M card. The advance will appear as a receivable so that it can be added to a future expense report, and for tracking purposes.

For tickets that cannot be used at all in the future by the passenger or someone else within the college, unit, or university, add the transaction to an expense report and record it as a federally unallowable expense with CORONAV-20 as the project code.

If you have further questions, please contact your business service center.