New user interface coming to Concur

Cornell users of Concur will soon have a simpler, streamlined experience when creating and submitting expense reports. These advancements are being made to increase the user-friendliness and accessibility of the site, addressing many pain points. The new experience will begin rollout in September 2018 and will apply only to the web-based interface.

Overall, the appearance of the Expense module will be cleaner and somewhat leaner, with easier-to-read text, fewer icons, and more prominent action buttons. Completing tasks will become less confusing, alerts will be more obvious, activities will flow better. Users will see more options for working with expenses and receipts. Read on for some highlights of the new interface. We’ll keep you informed as we learn more.

New Features Sneak Peek

Expenses, Receipts and Itemizations

In available expenses, filter your available expenses by charge type (All Expenses, All Card Charges, or Cornell Corp Card).

In the expense report, quickly see which expenses have receipts and add receipts to your expenses by clicking the red plus sign.

Using the same receipt for multiple expenses will be supported.

Open an expense on your expense report to see the receipt image alongside your expense detail or add a receipt while editing your expense.

Itemize hotel bills with either different rates or the same rates each night.

Expense Report Alerts and Status

Click View next to each of your alerts to see the exact item that needs your attention. Also, a larger alert icon appears next to your expenses so you can quickly see which items have alerts.

See the status of your submitted reports in your report library. You’ll see where your expense report is in the review and approval process.