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Who’s monitoring SWD in NY?

Scientists at Cornell University have set traps in NY to monitor for the invasive spotted wing drosophila (SWD). As of June 7, 2013 no SWD have been found in any traps. We are posting data directly into a NY distribution map that is linked on Cornell Fruit Resources and NYS IPM websites. The Cornell University SWD team includes Art Agnello, Greg Loeb, Peter Jentsch and me. The Cornell Cooperative Extension team includes Amy Ivy, Bernie Armata, Betsy Burgeson, Dan Gilrein, Dave Thorp, Debbie Breth, Emily Cook, Faruque Zaman, Ginny Carlberg, Jim O'Connell, Jeff Miller, Kat Loeck, Kevin Iungerman, Laura McDermott, Mike Fargione, Paul Hetzler, Sharon Bachman, and Stephanie Mehlenbacher.

3 thoughts on “Who’s monitoring SWD in NY?

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