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NY first report – one SWD found

The first reported SWD has been found in the NY trap network - one female in Ontario County. The trap was collected June 11, 2013 and is part of Greg Loeb's trap network. The NY trap network consists of ~230 traps. As of today, no other trap locations have caught SWD, so this find represents ~0.4% of traps catching SWD. The trap consisted of a bait cup containing whole wheat fermenting dough floating in a drowning solution of (9 parts) apple cider vinegar, (1 part) ethanol, (drop) soap in a clear deli cup. The trap was set a few feet into the wooded edge of a blueberry field. Blueberries in Western NY are starting to color - green with a hint of pink/purple. (554 accumulated GDD, day length 15:14)

Official SWD confirmed 2011 in NY
A female spotted wing drosophila (SWD), serrated ovipositor in the inset. This particular female was collected in 2011 and sent to USDA SEL for confirmation by Faruque Zaman and Dan Gilrein, Suffolk County Cornell Cooperative Extension, Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Lab. She was the first officially confirmed SWD from NY in 2011.


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