Best Management Practices for Pests in Schools and Childcare

As we find our way out from under snow and slush, so too, the four- , six- and eight-legged creatures (as well as pest plants) that emerge with spring’s warmth.  Today begins a new blog series focusing on a great IPM resource for you.

“Housed” on the Northeastern IPM Center’s website,  the Best Management Practices for School IPM offers a full range of information to help you better fend off building and grounds pests

The Northeastern IPM Center promotes the development and adoption of integrated pest management (IPM), a sound, sensible approach to dealing with pests and pesticide problems. Working with partners in agricultural, urban, and rural settings, we identify—and address—regional priorities for research, education, and outreach throughout the Northeast. Competitive grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture fund our programs, and the Center is administered at Cornell University.

NE IPM homepage front page


On the Northeastern IPM Center’s website, or the NYSIPM’s site, or this link, you’ll find the BMPs.

BMP webpage homepage

Over the next few posts, we’ll highlight parts of this website such as IPM Basics, The Steps of IPM, IPM Resources (here’s where you’ll find great communication tools for your staff, parents, athletic dept., and community), inspection forms for indoor and outdoor areas, and links to specific pests.

Try it out: Carpenter Ant

Sample of Carp Ant BMP page

Each pest ‘fact sheet’ continues on through the six steps of IPM to provide best management practices.

We hope you will find the BMP website a valuable tool to both understand and enable the best ways to prevent or reduce pest infestations and the need for treatments.



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  1. Jason Strong

    Child care programs are very important to have in societies. They help children begin their academic learning and begin to make social ties with other children their age. I’m grateful for these programs and hope they continue to improve as time goes on.

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