New York State IPM Program

Celebrating 30 years of IPM

30-Year_coverProgram report. You see the words; what comes to mind? Jargon. Puffery. In a word? Boring.

But at NYS IPM, we’ve made a practice of telling stories — stories that take you on the farm, in the greenhouse, to the school cafeteria. Now we’ve taken the essence of all our annual reports spanning 30 years — and crafted an anniversary report that celebrates three decades of integrated pest management in New York.

Yes, our mission has changed over time. But the themes are the same. Thirty years ago, people cared about the food they ate. The fields they walked in. The schools their kids went to. Best ways to prevent pests, whether on their crops or in their gardens. A healthy environment for themselves and their families.

They still do. And we’re still here for them — for you, the reader. As relevant as ever. Check us out here.

BTW … the main thing to remember with this pdf? The middle part with the postcards and the map — that’s a foldout that takes you on an IPM road trip that highlights three-score stories standing for the hundreds we didn’t have space to tell. No way can a pdf do it justice.

To order a printed copy please contact the IPM Program office.


Author: Mary M. Woodsen

Pests and pesticides — both can cause harm. How can we protect ourselves the least-toxic way? IPM is the sound, sensible, science-based approach that works wherever you do. The New York State Integrated Pest Management Program develops and offers tested tactics for pests new and old, whether on farms, offices, orchards, schools, parks, vineyards, more.... Wherever you find pests, you find IPM.

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