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Improving the health of our public sphere through conversations

Source:   It go without saying that we currently live in an extremely divisive and hostile political climate. Even little differences can magnify the intensity of discourse between two people with opposing views. When we think about social networks, we can begin to rationalize reasons that may explain the magnitude of these frustrating sentiments. […]

Game Theory in The Workplace   This article by the Wall Street Journal outlines the competitiveness and stress of the workplace.  It discusses the stress and work that success brings and the fear of the work required to get to that point.  Game Theory is present in many ways within employment.  For example, if you want to move up […]

Game Theory in Human Morality   The Gore Laboratory in MIT applies knowledge of evolutionary biology and game theory to simulate manipulation and preference in exclusive relationships. In the study, they designed an “envelope” game where, contrast to the prisoner’s dilemma we talked about in class that requires both parties to decide simultaneously or uninformed the strategies of the […]

Liar Game Theory

The Liar Game is a japanese comic book, or Manga written by Shinobu Kaitani, in which an honest college student named Nao Kanzaki is forced to participate in a series of games which heavily relies on players deceiving one another and profiting of their opponents losses. The penalties of the game affect the character’s real world […]

Election Tampering and Game Theory

In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election and with 2018 midterms fast approaching, many people are concerned with how the United States should defend against election tampering. One of the most powerful and important tools for this is still manual auditing of individual districts votes. However, this is too labor intensive to do for […]

Trump’s Trade Strategy and Game Theory

Link:   In Bloomberg’s article, “What Game Theory Says About Trump’s Trade Strategy”, the author discusses the ongoing trade war that has recently ensued between the US and China. China has a history of promoting a trade strategy that favors domestic production and encourages the theft of American intellectual property, leading the Trump administration […]

Game Theory in Soccer Set Pieces

Article: With the rise of data in sports, many data analysts have been able to find areas that their teams can exploit. A notable example of this was with “set pieces” (corner kicks, free kicks, or throw ins) in soccer. In the above article, the author, a data analyst, mentions that set pieces were […]

“Connection Service” Launched by Airline Industry: Amazing Networks

Source: Title of the article: Star Alliance airline network working with United Airlines to launch ‘Connection Service’ My title: “Connection Service” Launched by Airline Industry: Amazing Networks Summary: The article introduced a new service called “connection service” that assists passengers who takes Star Alliances flights and arrives at Chicago O’Hare Airport with a connection […]

Human Behavior/Cooperation Described by Game Theory

This research article presents an interesting study performed by Georgia State University, which utilizes game theory to compare the behaviors of two different species of participants – monkeys and humans. In this study, a group of humans and two types of monkeys participated in a game with members of their same species. In the article […]

“How Network Math Can Help You Make Friends”

Link to article: The article comes from Quanta Magazine, which is one of my personal favorite sources for math/cs news. Quanta aims to publish interesting accomplishments in the fields of math, physics, computer science, and biology all while maintaining digestible, easy-to-read articles for the average arm-chair reader. The article “How Network Math Can Help You Make […]

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