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Do Social Networks Contribute to Political Polarization?

With the rise of social media over the past decade, access to a variety of political opinions has increased exponentially. But have people actually utilized these social networks to broaden their news feed, or have they used the customizability of these platforms to construct political echo chambers? According to a 2014 study from researchers at […]

How Social Networks Can Save Lives When Disaster Strikes Noting the vulnerability of many communities to natural disasters social scientists have set out to study human behavior during these crises to improve warning systems and lower casualty rates. The researchers suspected that social capital might be a critical factor, so they decided to use social media as a tool to study people’s social […]

Game Theory and Autonomous Vehicles

Research on autonomous vehicles (I will refer to them as “autos”) has seen success, with companies such as Google and Tesla already having self-driving vehicles. While autos can no doubt efficiently travel from one location to another in a static environment, interactions with pedestrians and other road users can pose a threat. If the driver […]

Social Networks Influence Voter Turnout

Article: In the era of technology and social media, it only takes one post to affect the lives of thousands of others. In a study conducted by Facebook, in which a “get out and vote” message showing pictures of friends who had voted was displayed on users’ feeds, it was shown that voter participation was […]

Fake News Memes and Social Networks   Why do some Memes about fake news and conspiracy theories get shared millions of times- why do other memes get shared zero times? Computer and Information Scientists at Indiana University Bloomington think their model has the answers. Dr. Filippo Menczer, Dr.Xiaoyan Qiu and others at Indiana University Bloomington believe their research demonstrates that […]

Effect of Switch from Second to First Price Auctions

The popularity of second price auctions is because the dominant strategy for the buyer is to bid their true value. The winner of the auction pays less than their value, therefore making a profit. In first price auctions, buyers’ dominant strategy is to pay less than their value; if the winner bet his true value, […]

The Underhanded Free Throw

Source article: Like Father, Like Son, Like Granny? A Case for Underhand Free Throws The world of basketball is filled with fiercely competitive athletes who will do almost anything to give themselves the upper hand on the court. Whether it’s waking up at 5 in the morning to run extra miles, staying late to take […]

Game Theory and Diseases While Game Theory are typically used in the fields of Economics or Mathematics, this article introduces how Game Theory can actually be applied to the safety of the human population and people’s decisions about healthcare. These decisions can have profound effects on the well-being of the entire human race when considering the issue of […]

Networks and Basketball Success Basketball is an interesting game because it is highly dependent on skill and talent, but it also has a heavy emphasis on floor spacing, ball movement, and teamwork between players. When hearing about the strength of ties between different nodes in class, I began to compare that to the present day Golden State Warriors, […]

The application of Game Theory to prevent disease outbreaks.   When it comes to taking a decision about health, what’s best for an individual might not be the best for the wider population, and vice versa. As a result,  authorities often face difficult choices to protect the whole population.  We can see a real life situation of this dilemma through vaccination. While vaccines protect […]

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