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Flavor network and the principles of food pairing

Humans have been collecting and cooking food for millions of years, each diet influenced by factors like accessibility, culture, nutritional value, and so on. While there exist approximately 10^6 recipes currently in use, there are around 10^15 total potential recipes. The authors of this paper sought to identify if there exist any quantitative principles behind […]

Good Trends Gone Bad

It’s that time of the year again. The weather is (presumably) getting chillier, the trees are preparing to drop their leaves, and Starbucks has released their iconic specialty Pumpkin Spice Latte in preparation for autumn to the enthusiastic cheers of the beverage’s fans and the not-so enthusiastic tweets of its criticizers. The popularity of the […]

Braess’s paradox in the real world

In a podcast, Andy Boyd discusses a project in New York City to close down a road and convert it into a plaza for pedestrians. It describes the effects of the project on traffic and congestion, and shows pictures of the area before and after the project. In class, we learned about Braess’s paradox, the […]

Health Care Network   Ideally, humans prefer to visit the doctor as rarely as they can because this means that they are in good health. However, this is not feasible, for many reasons, such as illnesses and accidents. Unfortunately, there are times when patients have to bounce around from doctor to doctor. If one does not feel […]

Solving Braess’ Paradox in Electrical Power Grids   Braess’ Paradox happens when adding an extension route to a network actually impedes the traffic flow and lowers the efficiency. It does not only apply to cars and roads, but in electrical power grids as well. As the grids trying to adapt to the wider range of coverage and new kinds of […]

G7’s Prisoners Dilemma In this opinion piece (from June 2018), Campbell Clark analyzes Trump’s tariffs on the European nations of G7 and Canada. This left the European nations to feel mistrust towards the U.S. Clark then goes on to explain the show, Friend or Foe?. Basically, two contestants are given the opportunity to win money. If they […]

The Smash Community Dynamics                The article above gives a brief history of the competitive atmosphere for the Super Smash Bros. series of games. In short, the player base in the super smash bros community is noticeably split. While one section of players has transitioned to the newer games, another portion has refused to move on, and continues […]

Lawsuits against Companies as Positive & Negative Relationships

After learning the concepts of structural balance and positive/negative relationships, I became interested in how we could apply this knowledge into the real world. As an intern at a law firm this past summer, I realized that there could be some connection to several lawsuits containing structural balance between companies. Two articles I found interesting […]

A New Approach to Treating Cancer With Game Theory Last month, a team comprised of a data scientist, a mathematician, a biologist, a physician published a paper on “Optimizing Cancer Treatmeng Using Game Theory”. Clifton Leaf of Fortune News helps break down this team’s findings and remarkable application of game theory to cancer treatment. The formulation of cancer treatment using game theory begins […]

Can social media networks reduce political polarization on climate change?

Social media is a breeding ground for political thought. Facebook & Twitter are used on multiple occasions by politicians and political activists to get their point across. However, do their thoughts and views actually reach the whole population of social media? No. Why? We live in our own social networks and don’t really like to […]

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