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“Did you hear?!”: Modeling Gossip and Broadcasting

In a university setting, information travel is almost instantaneous. Just minutes after someone’s unfortunate interaction with a friend, close friends know, back-stories are extrapolated, rumors sprout, and surrounding people’s ears have perked in anticipation of learning “what happened.” Encouraged by easy means of communication and the instinctual want to be in-the-know, the spread of gossip […]

Information Cascades and the Snoeastercane of 2012

“Cornell University is OPEN” This headline, appearing at the top of Cornell University’s status page, has remained unchanged for the past several days to the consternation of many. Over the past week, the hurricane of rain and wind was preceded by a hurricane of warnings and information: reporters describing the “perfect storm” that was the […]

Influence Rank

There is a company called TunkRank, whose mission is to rank the influence of various Twitter users. Using their services, you can find out the how influential a Twitter user is, and can also request that they refresh or re-calculate the influence of a user. Their service is based on an algorithm called TunkRank by Daniel […]

Leaving Middlemen Out

The main point of the article, “Avoiding Middlemen- what most China sourcing agents, trading companies and brokers don’t want you to know!” by Mike Bellamy, is to warn buyers of middlemen, or intermediary traders, and to give them guidance on finding proper factories to supply their products. As stated in the article, and learned in […]

Why Apple Kept Using Its 30-Pin Dock Connector for Almost 10 Years – An Aspect of Network Effect

Apple announced its iPhone 5 with a new 9-pin dock connector called Lightening this September. It is the first time Apple made changes to the design and performance of its dock connector. The previous 30-pin dock connector came out in 2003(1), which had been adopted to all its iOS devices like iPod, iPhone and iPad […]

The Effect of Hurricane Sandy on Internet Connectivity

link:   Over the last few days, Hurricane Sandy has been ravaging the eastern seaboard and causing severe damage to much of the infrastructure located in affected areas. Not only has this storm damaged phone and power lines, it has also caused damage to many data centers which host servers and data storage facilities […]

Google’s Knowledge Graph and the Future of Search

Google recently announced their knowledge graph, a project that they hope can one day expose users to relevant results faster than ever before. This graph connects real people places and things, and was harnessed to produce the Kevin Bacon calculation between individuals. In essence, the graph can convert “strings to things”, with access to “500 […]

Network and Social Effects Relating to Technology Adoption

Shaping Technology Across Social Works: Groupware Adoption in a Distributed Organization, Mark and Poltrock (2003), examines the adoption of a remote collaboration technology known as NetMeeting within The Boeing Company during the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. NetMeeting, installed on computer workstations, allowed employees to videoconference while sharing the information on their workstation as well […]


No matter what decision Apple makes, it seems as if they always win in the end. When Steve Jobs of Apple announced that Flash would not be supported on devices running iOS, he was heavily criticized for making a decision that may threaten Apple’s significance. However, Apple had the last laugh. Apple wisely switched over […]

Why In-App Purchases?

With the wide popularity of Apple’s iPhone, the iOS App Store has become a beacon to developers. Due to the abundance of apps available in the App Store, competition is very fierce and making a nice chunk of money is quite the challenge. Graham Spencer points out five general approaches to pricing an app, but […]

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