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Emergence of Strong Ties in Dire Situations

A Northwestern University pre-med student, Harsha Maddula, 18,  disappeared after attending a party early Saturday morning of September 22nd, 2012. Soon after his disappearance, parents and friends of Maddula went into search to find the missing student. Not only his families and friends but fellow students came together in order to find the missing student. After […]

Networks in U.S. Foreign Policy

Networks in U.S. Foreign Policy The idea of social networks can be linked to international relations.  Obviously, in today’s world, there has been a lot of war and struggle in the Middle East, especially in Israel.  This article tackles the main idea of how if one country attacks another country, it will attack their allies […]

Am I Lagging?!?

For a fair portion of the gaming industry’s history, video games focused on the single player experience. Games focused on a prominent single player campaign and occasionally introduced some basic multiplayer features like co-op or some semblance of a versus mode where two players on the same machine could play one another. However, with the […]

Battle of the Channels

In the general sense, television networks today have two primary jobs and forms of profit — creating content and distributing content. For some, the two are done simultaneously, with the created content being distributed on a channel owned by the same network company. For others, only one of the two is specialized in. Yet for […]

NFL Free Agency Analysis

The NFL free agency period seems to act in a similar manner to a first-price open bid auction, albeit with a few twists. All free agents sit in the pool at the same time, and bids for each player are ongoing through time. While in a first bid auction there is one item being sold […]

Keeping the Armies at Peace

Matthew Rosenberg’s recent article for The New York Times delineates the problems currently plaguing American efforts to create an independent and self-perpetuating Afghan army.  Despite the allied effort to build Afghan security forces and “teach” the Afghans how to fend for themselves, the process has set American forces at odds with their Afghan counterparts.  The […]

Handheld Gaming Devices and Social Networking

Have you ever stepped back and taken a look at the people you know? An interesting question that may come up as you flash through your head the faces and personalities of these individuals is how you met them. Often times you are part of a network of people wherein exists ties of varying strength, […]

Where Do You Check For News? Social Networks vs Print Newspapers

When was the last time you read the newspaper? Watched a TV news program? Checked your Facebook or Twitter account? The popularity of social networks has made them not only an attractive source for advertising but also news consumption. For those looking for a quick update on current events, social networks seem to equal television […]

Building social connections with media

In class, we discussed how social network is consisting of large components and few weak ties connect between them. In real world, there are many elements in establishing a tie between two people. Using media is one way. This article discusses an event that Google, the owner of Youtube, blocked access to the video on […]

Real Money Auction on Video game, Diablo 3

Recently, in May of 2012, Blizzard Entertainment released their sequel to Diablo II, one of the most popular video game of all times. However, people were more excited in Diablo 3 in the fact that Blizzard Entertainment launched Real Money Auction house, where players can trade items with real economic currency allowed by their government. […]

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