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Athletes’ Dilemma- Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong’s use of performance enhancing drugs has raised many ethical questions to the sport of cycling. The article discusses about whether or not Lance Armstrong’s use of such drugs is worth all of the punishment, as “the stakes are simply too high for [the athletes] to be rational not to cheat.” Considering that most […]

Market-Clearing Networks and Facebook promotions

The social network giant Facebook has recently announced a reworking of Facebook Offers as a new source of revenue. Instead of being able to create promotions for free, companies must now pay a fee to advertise its deals to users. These promotions include company sponsored coupons and vouchers seen on users’ news feed. Fees start […]

Game Theory and Markets as Foundation for Swarm Intelligence

by amcnicoll Over the last several years, the concept of networks has figured more and more heavily into the control of autonomous devices. By tapping into existing networks such as the Internet or GPS, a variety of devices are able to better perform their job. However, there is also quite a bit of incentive to […]

Fantasy Football Draft-Auction Style

Many people’s Fantasy Football drafts were a few weeks ago.  Every year there is so much drama associated with putting together a fool proof team that will allow you to beat all of your friends and get money or bragging rights for the year.  Each and every type of draft requires a vast amount of […]

Power in the Social Network We are living in a society where keeping up with the current trend determines where you stand among your friends and acquaintances. Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, is becoming THE way you connect with friends and keep up with the trend. Some people see this as a competition and some social media […]

Connecting network theory with futbol The year 2012 was a great year for soccer lovers, as millions of people worldwide gathered to witness the dominance of Spain in the Euro 2012 soccer championship. After defeating Italy 4-0 (a rather rare and one-sided result), Spain has successfully won three major titles in a row (Euro 2008, World Cup 2010, and […]

The Effect of Weak Ties in the Spread of STD’s

by Kaycee In American culture, STD’s are a taboo and carry a lot of stigma and judgement with them. However, as a culture the idea of sex is fairly accepted, even outside of committed relationships; in the form of both casual sexual relations and concurrent relationships or cheating. This glamorization of sex creates these elaborate […]

The Inner Workings of the Music Genome Project

The Music Genome Project may sound unfamiliar at first, but most internet users will recognize Pandora, the internet radio website that utilizes this technology.  Pandora is popular not only because it is mostly commercial-free and can be found anywhere with internet access, but because its radio stations can be customized by the user.  Initially, one […]

Social Networks and Voter Turnout

Social networking sites such as Facebook influence an extremely large number of people all over the world.  News about the election makes headlines every day, and it comes as no surprise that the candidates’ names show up quite frequently on social networking sites.  While people like and dislike social networking sites for a variety of […]

How Game Theory Affects the EU

Ever since Greece began its tumultuous downhill spiral of fiscal welfare, the European Union has been scrambling to protect its image and perceived status.  Despite concerns from multiple countries in the EU about scaring investors away from Europe, a debate about whether or not to keep Greece is currently underway.  Contrary to the beliefs of […]

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