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Fantasy Football Draft-Auction Style

Many people’s Fantasy Football drafts were a few weeks ago.  Every year there is so much drama associated with putting together a fool proof team that will allow you to beat all of your friends and get money or bragging rights for the year.  Each and every type of draft requires a vast amount of strategy and planning in order to get the team you really want.  Many draft styles exist, but one of the most difficult is the auction style where you have a certain amount to get your players and in an ascending bid auction, you need to be able to get the best team you can.

The article mentioned below is about one man’s opinion on draft auction strategy and how to succeed.  It covers the full spectrum of preparation.  The author suggest planning ahead and picking out key players and determining ahead of time how much you want to spend on them.  He recommends considering other players values and suggest bidding higher than the others on players you do not necessarily want in order to dry out the other teams.  He also warns not to value superstars too high or you will not be able to fill out a solid team.

This covers certain elements of basic ascending bid auction style, but there is a problem.  The author acknowledges the risk of continuing to raise the bid and then end up stuck paying for a player you do not want, but he continues to recommend it. This is an important lesson that you need to be fully aware of the risk of going too high.  The safest strategy ultimately is to drop out after your true value since you do not want to lose money on a player you do not want or need.  On the other hand, the author does make a good point that one should know their true value for each player before entering the auction and knowing that your value may change when you lose other players and need to fill positions.  The article ultimately outlines the common aspects of auctions, English specifically, and highlights how common they are in our everyday lives.



-Mel (mek229)


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