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Buying Popularity on the Web

In recent years, Google has dominated the web as the biggest internet search engine. How relevant and popular Google thinks your website is can be the most important factor in getting traffic. Depending on what kind of site you host, this can mean how widely your political candidate is endorsed, how many people read your conspiracy theories, how many people buy your T-shirts or how many ad slots you can sell. It’s tremendously important to you that Google’s algorithm decides your page is worth listing in its results, or your website could be completely useless.

Lets say, for argument’s sake, that your website is totally useless and isn’t worth showing in Google’s results. Too bad. The problem is that Google is doing its best to help out the searcher and find good results. But how are you going to sell all those fresh, juicy Ad slots when your website is just a bunch of broken links and pictures of your cat? Ardor Backlinks has got you covered.

Ardor Backlinks sells the service of fooling Google and other popular search engines into thinking your webpage is more popular than it really is. It does this by taking advantage of ┬áthe PageRank algorithm, which Google uses to sort search results. If your webpage has many webpages with that link to it, it gets a better PageRank in the search and comes up earlier in the results. What Ardor Backlinks will do is create links to your website to increase it’s popularity.

Okay, so I’m not saying you shouldn’t do some advertising to promote your site, and try to get some links coming in–but paying someone else to fabricate links so you can fool a search engine seems unethical. Maybe what Ardor Backlinks provides is just a foot in the door… but with the all the outlets to advertise on social media sites and also older forms of advertising, if your site is really any good why do you need to trick a search engine to get you traffic?

So what can I do about it? Well with my heavy dependence on Google to tell me what I should see, I’m trapped into looking at your cat and seeing your ads. But will luck, Google’s search algorithm might soon be able to recognize fabricated links generated by companies like Ardor and give websites the PageRanks they deserve.


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