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The methods of advertising

It is an information age. People give out, and seek for information. And in midst of all this, internet is being used as one of the main methods of sharing information. In order to make profit out of people’s usage, webpages pursue various ways, one of which is advertisement. In fact, advertisement is hardly avoidable if one is an internet user. One image that may pop up to one when one thinks of an advertisement is a huge picture a black BMW sedan in the middle of a newspaper that disturbs one from reading about what caused sudden drop in the stock market. However, unlike the traditional way of advertising that is used in newspapers and magazines, advertisement that are used in the webpages are much different in that it has variety in its way of presenting itself. And in turn, the way websites are paid by advertisers has also increased in its variety. One of the way, in which the search engine Google uses, is to present commercial that are relevant to the search on the side of the search results. In this way, companies follow the method of click through rate, where they pay to Google as much as how many times their ads are clicked. Whatever the method a website uses, its main goal is to produce as much revenue through advertisement, while making it so that it does not disturb the webpage users.

On the article by New York Times, it discusses the methods of advertisement that are used by Hulu and Youtube. Both Hulu and Youtube have gone through many ways of advertising, and through trial and error, have come to what they currently believe are the best way to present advertisement. In order to make commercials more appealing to the users, Youtube allows the users to skip the advertisement after five seconds. In this way, only those who are willing to watch the commercial can watch it. And the advertisers have to pay only when the user watch the whole advertisement.  In case of Hulu, the users can choose to swap the advertisement to what suits them more. In these ways, the users don’t feel like their purpose of visiting the websites is defeated. Ultimately, the number of its users is what makes a website profitable. And for it is totally up to users that a website is profitable, the websites’ effort, to make advertisement “more welcoming” to the users, continues


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