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Google AdWord Shakes Things Up

Google has been arguably one of the most lucrative internet companies of this decade. The success of Google for a large part has been because of its successful model for selling ads on its searches. This quarter alone 96 percent of Google’s revenue came from advertising. Now Google is attempting to redefine the game, pun […]

Click Fraud The above links are to Google’s blog and Ad Traffic Quality Center.  Google has put into place, a system of checks to make sure that the clicks that ads receive on Google’s website are in fact valid.  There is such a thing as click fraud in which a person or program intentionally […]

SEO, Page Ranks and Links

Google always has to trade off the balance between authority and hub. If you type in “Viagra” which one of the most spammed terms in the world, you want something that is about Viagra, not just something with a lot of authority like Newsweek or Time that writes an article with mentions the word Viagra […]

Evolutionary Game Theory

As even Darwin knew, his theory of evolution had some missing explanations. One of the most difficult behaviors to explain via competition is altruism. Maynard Smith was the first researcher to successfully apply principles of game theory to interspecies behavior. An important first step for him was realizing that the strategies needn’t be purely rational, […]

Google ad rank process to include phone calls

Link to article: In the next coming weeks, Google plans to roll out a new feature in its AdWords product, which allows potential advertisers to quantify the per-click value of ad slots and subsequently bid on slots. AdWords call metrics will provide businesses with the ability to track call volume and results, in order […]

Late and Multiple Bidding in Second-Price Internet Auctions

Source article: As we discussed in class, second-price auctions are ubiquitous on the internet: the highest bidder wins the item but but pays the second-highest bid. Amazon and eBay both use this model of auction. Authors Ockenfels and Roth noted that eBay auctions are more likely to have many late bidders, who put in […]

Eureka! Less Billboards, More money. If you live in the United States, you are pretty well aware that advertising is everywhere. From street corners to ball games, there is always someone trying to sell you something. But, in the city of Tacoma people are getting tired of seeing advertisements everywhere. Residents are calling them “distracting,” or “destroying the natural […]

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