Catch-Up For Undergrad Students


Jailene Hidalgo

Summer, 2016: studied moose and deer populations in the Adirondacks for Cornell’s Department of Natural Resources.

Summer, 2017: Studied marsh wren genetics and seaside sparrow populations at Florida’s state agency Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Summer, 2018: Studied arctic ground squirrel distribution and genetics in Denali National Park, Alaska.


Nikrumah Frazer

Summer, 2017: Awarded a Biology summer internship program (BioSIP) stipend to intern at a small animal veterinary clinic in Philadelphia. While there, he observed animal surgeries and assisted in animal care.

Summer, 2018: Took oral communications and cognitive sciences courses at Cornell and worked for Cornell Catering.


Anita Michalak

Summer, 2017: Worked as a wildlife assistant with BiodiversityWorks on Martha’s Vineyard, MA, helping with a variety of research projects involving bats, reptiles, and shorebirds.

Fall, 2017: Conducted her own research as a junior at Cornell, studying gray squirrel foraging behavior under Jeremy’s supervision in the mammalogy course. This project ultimately won the award for best undergraduate poster at the EEB Graduate Student Symposium.

Spring semester, 2018: Studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a focus on Arctic biology, she had the opportunity to travel to both Sweden and Norway to conduct class-based field work. She ended her experience abroad with a three month internship at the Mammal Research Institute in Bialowieża, Poland. There, she further developed her experience working with bats, as well as a variety of other small mammals.

Currently: She is working on a senior research thesis on the genetic structure and origin of bobcats in New York State, under the supervision of the Therkildsen Lab.


Christopher Watson

Summer 2017: Ran long distance with high school friends and relaxed at home in Redmond, WA.

Summer, 2018: Studied philosophy and Francophone literature in Avignon, France. 


Avery Voehl

Summer, 2017: Worked as a camp counselor for the YMCA and was an aide in Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital’s surgical center.

Summer, 2018: Continued working as a camp counselor and transitioned to Ridgeview Hospital, where she was an aide in their Emergency Department and on different floors of their general hospital. Also worked at Ashery Lane Vineyard.


Graduated Students:

Jeremy Pustilnik

Tamar Law

Austin Wong


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