Past Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Bret Pasch
Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
2015 – Biology of vocal rodents
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Dr. Tom White
Research Associate, Lancaster University, UK
2013-2014 – Evolutionary bioinformatics of small mammals
2010-2012 – Genomics of bank vole invasion on Ireland
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Dr. Rodrigo Vega
Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
2010-2013 – Lab Manager, Searle Lab
2011-2013 – Genomics of an endemic Mexican small mammal
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Dr. Michelle Alexander
Senior Lecturer, University of York, UK
2011 – Genomic studies of the origins of the European domestic goose
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Past Undergraduate Students

Jailene Hidalgo
B.S. in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, CALS ’19
Fall 2017 – Fall 2019
Research: Preparing specimens of meadow voles for the Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates
Christopher Watson
B.A. in Computer Science, CAS ’21 (Expected)
Fall 2018 – Spring 2019
Research: Speciation in European Corn Borer Moths
Anita Michalak
B.S. in Environmental & Sustainability Science magna cum laude with Distinction in Research, CALS ’19
Fall 2017 – Spring 2019
Research: Gray squirrel foraging behavior (Searle Lab supervision); Population structure of bobcats in New York State (Therkildsen Lab supervision)
Jeremy Pustilnik
B.S. Biological Sciences magna cum laude with Distinction in Research, CALS ’18
Summer 2016-Spring 2018
Honors Thesis: The effects of red fox (Vulpes vulpes) predator scent on winter burrow use by eastern cottontail rabbits (Sylvilagus floridanus)
Austin Wong
B.S. in Biological Sciences, CALS ’17
Fall 2016-Spring 2017
Research: Human health economics in Alaska after wildfire in the Kenai Peninsula
Tamar Law
B.A. cum laude in Feminist, Gender, Sexuality Studies (College Scholar), CAS ’17
Fall 2014-Spring 2017
Research: Human health economics in Alaska after wildfire in the Kenai Peninsula
Beatriz Olivia
B.A. in Biology and Society, CAS ’17
Summer 2014-Spring 2017
Research: House mice as human proxies
Elizabeth Ellor
B.S. in Biological Sciences, CALS ’16
Summer-Fall 2015
Research: Trait distributions of North American red squirrels
Samuel Coleman
B.S. in Biological Sciences, CALS, ’15
Spring 2014-Spring 2015
Research: Phylogeography of the four-striped grass mouse in Africa
Brian Magnier
B.S. in Biological Sciences with a Distinction in Research, CALS, ’15
Fall 2012-Spring 2015
Honors Thesis: Using stable isotope analysis to reveal variation in diet and reproductive condition in American red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) populations in Alaska
Camille Mangiaratti
B.A. cum laude in Biology and English, A&S ’15
Spring 2013-Spring 2015
Honors Thesis: Mapping migration with Mus musculus: Genetic analysis of house mice as a bioproxy for tracking multinational human colonization in Alaska
Brian O’Toole
B.S. in Biological Sciences, CALS ’13
Spring 2011-Spring 2013
Research: Skull morphology in mainland and island populations of European ermine

Past Visiting Researchers

Dr. Svetlana Pavlova
A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology & Evolution, Russia
Fulbright Fellow
Research: Shrew cytogenetics
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Dr. Mumtaz Baig
GVISH, India
Research: Phylogeography of the black rat as a proxy for human history
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Past Visiting Graduate Students

Dr. Joanna Stojak
Mammal Research Institute, Bialowieza, Poland
Spring 2016
Research: Vole phylogeography
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Dr. Margherita Collini
F. Edmund Mach, Italy
Summer 2014
Research: Phylogeography of European small mammals and the Northern American red squirrel
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Dr. Ardern Hulme-Beamen
University of Aberdeen, UK, and MNHN, France
Summer 2012
Research: Phylogeography of house shrews as a proxy for human history
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Dr. Marja Heikkinen
University of Oulu, Finland
Summer 2012
Research: Origins of the European domestic goose
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Dr. Alexandra Trinks
Durham University/University of Aberdeen, UK
Summer 2012
Research: Phylogeography of house mice as a proxy for human history
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Dr. Soraia Barbosa
University of Porto, Portugal
Research: Phylogeography and landscape genomics of endangered voles in southern Portugal


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