Principal Investigator

Dr. Jeremy Searle
E139 Corson Hall

Research: Phylogeography and speciation in small mammals

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Graduate Students

Nick Fletcher

Research: Speciation and phylogeography in the field vole

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 Research: Population genetics and chromosome evolution of house mice

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Ben Johnson Benjamin Johnson

Research: Thermal and respiratory physiological adaptations of ambystomatid and plethodontid salamanders

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Henry Kunerth Henry Kunerth

Research: Role of genetic architecture in the speciation of European corn borers

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Research: Evolution, genetics, and genomics of host-parasite relationships in solitary bees
Jacob Tyrell

Research: Dispersal of meadow voles and their pathogens in fragmented habitats

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Affiliated with the Searle Lab

Cynthia Ulbing
cku2@cornell.eduResearch: Functional and evolutionary analysis of the germline stem cell gene bag of marbles (bam) and it’s interaction with intracellular bacteria Wolbachia

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Nicolas Lou

Research: Phylogeographic analysis of the Atlantic Silverside (Menidia menidia) using NGS for the full mitochondrial genome

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Undergraduate Students

Emily Kowalski
Research: Land use change and agricultural policy
Sara O’Malley
Research: Genetic Data Analysis
Nikrumah Frazer
Research: Speciation and phylogeography in field voles
Avery Voehl
 Research: Quantitative studies and website development



Website Manager

Cassandra Ramirez Cassandra Ramirez


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