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Smart way to choose smartphones   The article shows a good illustration of how information cascades affects the consumer behavior in smartphone markets. The article describes how newly released iPhone 5 has exceeded Galaxy S III, which has been released for more than several months, in terms of Web traffic volume. The article quotes from the advertising network Chitika […]

Link Clicks: The Importance of Being on Top

Search marketing has taken the web by storm in the past couple of years as companies look for ways to further market their products to the general public.  All exposure, even in the slightest bit, is beneficial to a company.  As a result, the popularity of search result ads has skyrocketed with companies vying for […]

Bayes Theorem in Machine Learning

Bayes’ Theorem is the fundamental result of probability theory – it puts the posterior probability P(H|D) of a hypothesis as a product of the probability of the data given the hypothesis(P(D|H)), multiplied by the probability of the hypothesis (P(H)), divided by the probability of seeing the data. (P(D)) We have already seen one application of […]

Twitter, Groupthink and the Election   Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs as a result of crowd following. It describes when a group of people try to reach a consensus decision with minimum conflict, and as a result, they often do not challenge the consensus decision and do not fully evaluate alternative ideas or viewpoints. While this may result […]

Be Careful, You Are Targeted.

Start at a certain point, I found there’s always some sections on every website that I visited with some consumer products that I viewed online recently. This type of new web advertisement is called “targeted advertisement”. Make people receiving advertisements based on previous actions or purchases is a new trend of advertisement, which retargets customers […]

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