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The Effect of Ticket Scalping on the Market: Avicii Concert

As many of you know, Avicii, a renowned DJ, came to Cornell this past weekend for the homecoming concert. Tickets were in high demand; they sold out within the first 20 minutes of sales opening, and many student fans were not able to obtain tickets at all. A large part of the reason for the […]

How Facebook Improved Its Ad Targeting

Starting the week of September 2, 2012, Facebook rolled out changes to its advertising, improving its collaboration with the businesses that sponsor ads on the site in the hopes of improving the quality of its ad targeting and click-through rate. The idea here is that a business will take an already existing user database and […]

A Network of Friends and Enemies: Microsoft and Intel’s (Wintel) Alliance

In the past few decades, computers have become mainstream within the world. They are found in homes and are nearly ubiquitous in businesses. They can connect to each other and to a common network. But what allows them to work so well with each other when there are so many different brands making them? One […]

Braess’s Paradox ‘disappears’ under high traffic demands: The “Wisdom of Crowds” in transportation networks.

As we have seen in lecture, adding a new road in some traffic areas may result in equilibrium at which the individual driving times increases instead of decreasing. This phenomenon, called the Braess’s Paradox, may sound counter-intuitive to most people, especially to traffic engineers who thinks that more roads equals less traffic. Formulated in 1968 by Dietrich […]

Networking in Protein Interaction Helps Disease Curing I recently read about how networks can be applied in biological fields, rather than in social contexts (such as friendship networks which we’ve already talked a lot about). I would like to talk about how networks can help in discovering new medicine and curing disease. This is actually related to the material of […]

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