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A Map of the Internet Shows How We Connect

To see the map, click here. After a long, and undoubtedly laborious process, programmer Ruslan Enikeev and his team have managed to produce a map of over 350,000 websites. Unfortunately, this map contains very little documentation as to the method of his calculation, but is still quite an interesting piece of work. As a brief […]

What should Apple do?

The article talks about the ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung. Only a few years ago, when Nokia and Blackberry were essentially out of the market, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft were left in a smartphone war. Since then, Apple has become the leader in the U.S. smartphone market with its famous iPhone series, and […]

Need a Job? Need a Worker? It’s a Matching Problem

While the recent recession re-determined many American lifestyles, some companies saw the increasing amount of lost jobs as an opportunity to both help those who lost their jobs and promote their company in the process. One such company is Tworky is a website designed to help the challenges a working person might encounter. While […]

Online Games: Free is Becoming Profitable

A couple years back, if you asked a devoted online video game player how much their hobby cost them regularly per month, they’d likely cringe and answer with a number easily in the triple digits.  These days, you’re far more likely to receive a proud “Nothing!”.  The Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO) industry has seen […]

Drinking Buddies

Alcohol is frequently portrayed to be a huge part of the college experience. College parties with alcohol are on many tv shows and is the focus of some movies such as American Pie amongst others. Popular culture often ties college and drinking but just how connected are they? A study by Dr. Nicholas A. Christakis, […]

Palantir Connects Our World

Video: Palantir 101 Website: What is one company that is changing how we view big data? Palantir. Imagine the network as a whole. From shipments of food to hospital bills to terrorism, everything is connected. However, massive amounts of data has been piling up. There is so much data that it makes it difficult to see […]

Game Theory and Nuclear War

While most of the 65,000 active nuclear weapons from 1985 are gone, there still remain over 4,000 active nuclear warheads.  Yet, since WWII, not a single nuclear weapon has been used against another nation.  While many generals and political figures have considered their use in tactical strikes, game theorists, luckily, have convinced them otherwise. In […]

2012 Politics and Game Theory This November, many millions of American voters will take part in the 2012 Presidential election between two very different candidates, Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. The outcome of this election will have significant repercussions in many areas, including health care, social security and Medicare, foreign policy, and immigration. But as the President’s […]

Game Theory, in the real world In the education system of New York and Boston about a decade ago, a real world application of Game Theory can be found. The upcoming high school students of these cities had a wide range of choices beyond their neighborhood schools. In Boston, where students listed their top three choices for their high schools, […]

Burma’s March towards Progress

Last week, the leader of the political opposition in Myanmar (Burma), Aung San Suu Kyi, made her first step on United States soil in more than 40 years, after a culmination of over a year and a half of new reforms in her country and after 15 years of house arrest. Looking at the political […]

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