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The ever-expanding Facebook about to make its way into the music services industry Facebook is about to make yet another merger, this time with a group of small radio music services. Two cloud-based digital music services, Spotify and Rhapsody, stream millions of songs are lacking of a large clientele of paying users. They figured that merging with a national networking billion dollar company in Facebook would give […]

“It’s the Connections in our Lives that Matter the Most”: Networks and the 9/11 Memorial

“It’s the connections in our lives that matter the most,” said Joe Daniels, the president of the new 9/11 memorial, unveiled a few days ago after the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The arrangement of the 2,983 victims’ names on 72 bronze panels does not follow the conventions of memorials, […]

Three-Player Prisoner’s Dilemma

Consider a game of Prisoner’s Dilemma. Only instead of two criminals, the FBI must interrogate three criminals. What would the payoff matrix look like for this game? What would be the rules? What would be the Dominate Strategy for each player? Suppose the payoff matrix for a three-player game of Prisoner’s Dilemma is 3-D, then […]

Using Mobile Social Health Applications Fosters Better Health Decisions This journal article helps explain a mobile-phone-based approach to making healthier decisions. The application, named Aurora, essentially allows users to post a picture, write a comment, and select an emotion icon for their current mood. The instructions for users in the study were broad and essentially allowed them to take pictures of anything they […]

PageRank: The Graph Theory-based Backbone of Google In 1998, 2 Stanford computer science candidates forever changed the World Wide Web as we know it.  They created one of the greatest universal website used daily.  Currently, this site is the most visited site.  And no, it is not Facebook.  Want a hint? Theses 2 Stanford students were nicknamed as… the “Google boys”.  […]

Practical Game Theory

Source: The link above leads to an impressive article focused mostly on Game Theory found in the Economist. The article introduces game theory as a powerful branch of mathematics capable of producing amazingly accurate predictions of human action on everything from choosing where to live to political changes on an international scale. While a […]

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