Thanks to the Danish-American Fulbright Commission and Institute of International Education I was able to extend my sabbatical at the Danish Technical University Wind Energy Department to the spring semester 2018.

Thanks to my outstanding hosts at DTU I have enjoyed some great scientific discussions, found new research topics, collaborative proposal and paper writing, joint data analyses, working with graduate students and developed a new Ph.D. summer school with colleagues. Of course I have also immensely enjoyed Danish countryside, culture and traditions out of work time (thanks to fantastic friends for those). So ‘skål og tusind tak’ and limiting myself here to one photo of beautiful Denmark in winter:

Here is a brief timeline:

May-June 2017: Operating lidars and other instruments on flow in complex terrain at the multinational field experiment at Perdigão
Jun-17 Wind Energy Science Conference, 26-28 June 2017, Danish Technical University, Lyngby (Invited speaker wind farms mini-symposium, session convener and chair full-scale lidar experiments mini-symposium)
Aug-17 Lidar measurements at Perdigão. Presentation to Resource Assessment and Modeling group at the Danish Technical University, 23 August 2017.
Sep-17 Poster presenter at 4th Workshop on Systems Engineering for Wind Energy, Danish Technical University, Risø campus, 13-15 September 2017
Oct-17 Started working with Masters student at DTU on Perdigao wakes
Nov-17 Creating code for automated wake detection from field data
Dec-17 Working hard on Perdigao wake analyses with colleagues from DTU and DLR
Feb-18 Attended symposium: Main factors for leading edge erosion Danish Technical University, Risø campus, February 22 2018
Mar-18 Attended and presented at the AWAKEN planning meeting at UCAR Boulder 21 April 2018
Mar-18 Attended and presented at the Perdigão data meeting at UCAR Boulder 22-23 April 2018
Apr-18 Presented at the Wind Resource Colloquium, DTU Wind Energy 6 April 2018
Apr-18 Organizer and presenter PICO session on the Perdigão experiment European Geophysical Union, Vienna, 9-13 April 2018
May-18 Attended ‘Science and cocktails’ – great concept.
Jun-18 Attending the ceremony to honor the Danish-American Fulbrighters
Jun-18 Lecturer on PhD summer school ‘Remote Sensing in Wind Energy’ DTU
Jun-18 Poster presenter Science of Making Torque from Wind Conference 20-22 June 2018
Jul-18 Launch of new PhD Summer School’ Wind Turbines, Wind Farms and Wakes’ DTU June 26-Jul 6 2018