Lunch and Dinner lectures: Two Events with Dr. Jeff Wyatt

Being Relevant- 
A Challenge for the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA), 
Zoo Veterinarians, & Students Considering a Zoo Career​
Dr. Jeff Wyatt
May 1st
Join Jeff Wyatt, an AZA Accreditation Commissioner and Seneca Park Zoo veterinarian, sharing his “Behind the Scenes”  perspective for veterinary and conservation biology students interested in pursing a career at a zoo or an aquarium.

Transforming Health & Protecting the Environment in Borneo:
Improving Loggers’ Lives, Saving the Rainforest & Orangutans
Dr. Jeff Wyatt
May 1st
Please remember to bring your own plates and utensils!

About Jonathan Gorman

Jonathan Gorman, Class of 2021, graduated from Cornell as an undergraduate only to return to Cornell as a veterinary student. He is interested in all types of animals and hopes to expand the dialogue about animal health and conservation. Jonathan works for the WildLIFE blog as an editor, writer, and photographer.
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