Can I repost an article from your site?

You are always welcome to share our posts on your personal social media accounts via the direct permalinks from our blog!  If you would like to repost the content of an article from our blog, please email us at wildlifecornell@gmail.com and let us know where you would like to repost.  In general, we allow reposting as long as you give full credit back to the original author of the post, make no changes to the content of the article, and link back to the permalink of the blog post here on WildLIFE.


What is your stance on…

The views represented in the articles on this blog are those held by the authors of the posts, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cornell or the College of Veterinary Medicine.  If you have specific questions about wildlife issues or anything written on the blog, please feel free to reach out to us at wildlifecornell@gmail.com.


Do you have advice on how to find externships or how to apply to veterinary school?

There are many great resources for applying to vet school!  The APVMA Facebook page is a great network of prospective veterinary students, current veterinary students, veterinarians, and admissions representatives.  You can also follow us on Facebook and ask us specific questions about the wildlife program at Cornell.

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