Wildlife Jobs, Internships & Externships

In an effort to dispel the myth that there are very few opportunities in the wildlife and zoo fields, please see the below list of opportunities for interested students. These opportunities span multiple types of experiences, including jobs, internships, externships, research, and clinical experiences. While not comprehensive, we hope to provide a number of resources that may appeal to interested students. Please see the links to the full description and applications below.

Ecohealth Alliance

Association of Wildlife Veterinarians

Association of Zoo Veterinarians Externships and Internships

Texas A&M job boards, multiple types of opportunities in wildlife

Formerly Envirovet Program, now Rx One Health summer course at UC Davis and field work in Africa

Marine animal research & internships in Florida

National Zoo, Jobs in research and public health, & Internships

Smithsonian Institute Internships

Atkinson Center Cornell Summer Internships

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