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First catch in Steuben County

In a blueberry planting in Steuben County, we now have first catch. A single male was found in a trap set on the edge of the planting that was checked on July 1, 2020 by Ariel Kirk, Agriculture Educator, Steuben County Cornell Cooperative Extension. A big shout out to Ariel. This is her first year with the network.

In many areas of New York State, blueberries are ripe, but in others, they are still green. Make sure you tailor your SWD Management accordingly, because green and hard fruit aren't susceptible to SWD.

This picture shows a treefrog sitting on the lid of a trap for SWD.
A convenient place for a treefrog to sit to capture a free meal of fruit flies attracted to the SWD trap. It even went along for the ride when the trap was checked!

Some help from a treefrog? Or is the treefrog enjoying easy pickings? I think this is the common gray treefrog (Hyla versicolor). No matter, these insectivores help reduce the number of insects in our fields. This toad helped Grace Marshall, NYS IPM, check an SWD trap this spring when blueberries were in full bloom.

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