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Berry blog – subscribe for field updates!

Esther Kibbe, Western NY Berry Specialist, has started a newsletter on the Cornell Fruit Resources Berry Blog, You can easily subscribe to this blog and get updates on field observations from Western NY. Or contact Esther via email at

Her April 6 Scouting Update - Western NY has great photos and a summary of her findings. Take a look:

A screen shot showing the subscribe area of the Berry Blog page.
At the bottom of the right hand sidebar on a desk top or at the bottom of the blog page on a smart phone, you'll find the place to subscribe.

Esther will be visiting fields and sharing her findings with you. She'll also be in touch with Cornell Cooperative Extension educators who work in berries and berry growers. This way, even in these uncertain times, she can share everyone's findings via this blog.

Laura McDermott, Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program, is thrilled to see the evolution of statewide coverage of berry field reports during this difficult time when we are facing a limited ability of Cornell Cooperative Extension staff to conduct farm visits in response to grower's needs.

So, subscribe to the Berry Blog today!

And don't worry. I'll still be posting SWD updates and other cool stuff, as usual, here on the SWD blog! Have a fantastic growing season.

2 thoughts on “Berry blog – subscribe for field updates!

  1. Morgan T Moore

    Between my honey bees (mites) and my blueberry crop, (flies) what's a farm to do?


    Subscribe to the Berry blog, of course! And keep reading the SWD blog for tips on protecting your blueberries.

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