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Hummingbird research site in Ontario County caught SWD

In our hummingbird research site, SWD has been caught in traps. This occurred during the week ending June 22, 2017. We have 36 traps set at this location, which is a very high number of traps. Although not representative of a typical SWD monitoring site, given the number of reports coming in from other counties, we thought it best to report this finding. Hummingbirds have arrived at our research plot this year, as well.

It is still unclear what impact the hummingbirds are having in the raspberry planting. Last year's drought significantly impacted our ability to monitor fruit infestation because fruit dried up and flowering ceased.

The hummingbird feeders do attract hummingbirds into the raspberry planting. They spend time at the feeders, as well as within the planting. They have been observed flying from the feeders into the planting and flying up from the planting to the feeders.


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