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SWD at second Schuyler County research site

One female SWD was caught in a trap collected on June 25, 2015 at a Schuyler County research site. The trap contained whole wheat fermenting bread dough as the lure and was located on the edge of a blueberry planting. (This site doesn’t report to the SWD distribution map.) The New York SWD distribution map […]

First catch in Wayne County

A single SWD female was caught on June 24, 2015 in Wayne County at a site in our monitoring network in a trap baited with the standard fermenting whole wheat bread dough. This site is being monitored by Juliet Carroll, NYS IPM Program. Her technician Nicole Mattoon identified the lone female among the other insects […]

SWD caught in Orange County

A single female was caught at a research site in Orange County using a baited Trécé trap, set during the week of June 15th-22nd by Peter Jentsch, entomologist, Hudson Valley Laboratory, Cornell University. The trap uses a combination lure incorporating both pheromone and kairomone—a feeding attractant. Jentsch examined red raspberry fruit from a 25-count-sample collected […]

2015 SWD season underway

The 2015 trapping season is underway and first detection of SWD has occurred in Ontario, Canada and New York State. This is certainly earlier than in 2014! It is also the earliest trap catch reported for New York since this invasive arrived here in 2012. Typically, a single trap (out of four) is catching a […]