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SWD monitoring video

The July 16, 2014 You Tube video from the Finger Lakes monitoring network shows male and female SWD alongside other fruit flies. Check out these videos to hone your skills at differentiating other fruit flies caught in traps from spotted wing Drosophila. Anna Wallingford, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Greg Loeb's program, Department of Entomology, Cornell University, Geneva, brings us these early each week. Check it out at

A still from the latest SWD video showing a female SWD next to an imposter.
A still from the latest SWD video showing a female SWD below an imposter. Note the SWD's large distended ovipositor and large, red eyes.

2 thoughts on “SWD monitoring video

  1. Bonnie

    I see the damage on the berries swd typical. I have not trapped and
    id' the insect, What's the organic control?


    Organic-approved insecticides for SWD include Entrust Naturalyte and Entrust SC (active ingredient spinosad.) Both are 2(ee) recommendations and you must have the 2(ee) in hand when using the insecticide for SWD on berries. The spinosads are good to excellent, but only 3 applications per crop year are allowed. Other organic-approved insecticides include Pyganic EC 1.4, Pyganic EC 5.0 (both pyrethrins) and AzaSol (azadirachtin). These materials are fair to poor in effectiveness against SWD. See the SWD blog on organic insecticide options which I will post July 28, 2014 for more details.

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